Whole30 Coaching

What is Whole30?

The Whole30 is based around the idea that certain foods negatively impact your health without you realizing it. Issues like low energy, achy joints, weight, skin, or digestive issues may be the result of what you’re eating. You don’t have to live that way! With the Whole30, you avoid commonly inflammatory foods for 30 days, then slowly reintroduce them one by one to see how they impact your body. The ultimate goal is to be able to incorporate as many foods as possible while still feeling your best, or what Whole30 calls Food Freedom.

Learn more about Whole30 from their website.

Wondering why you should enlist the help of a coach for your Whole30? Read my blog post here.

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How I Can Help

Note – Sam is not currently accepting new clients. Are you tired of spinning your wheels with conflicting nutrition advice around every corner? We’re all unique, and it can be so hard to find what works for you. That’s what I’m here for. I help you take the guesswork out of a more holistic & balanced lifestyle, making it feel realistic and attainable. I find that people thrive when given personalized guidance and support.

I work virtually, which keeps things easy for both of us! Appointments can be done either on the phone or via video chat. If you’d like to make sure we’re a good fit before purchasing a package, I offer a complimentary 15-minute Strategy Session. *Please note – this strategy session does not apply to group program offerings.

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Look Over My Whole30 Package Options

1:1 Coaching: Work 1:1 with me to make the most of your Whole30 Experience

Go with Your Gut Program: An 8 week gut health-focused program beginning in January 2021

Go with Your Gut Program + Functional Medicine Testing + 1:1 Consult : Access to the Go with Your Gut group, plus the GI Map stool test and a 1:1 consult with me to customize your program

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Request an Appointment

Note: If you’re booking a package that includes 1:1 calls, your package request and initial appointment will need to be approved by Sam before you receive a confirmation. After your package and initial appointment are approved, you’ll be sent a set of forms to fill out in preparation for your 1st appointment.

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Initial Consultation

After you’ve purchased a package, we’ll meet for our initial appointment, which we’ll spend going over your assessment form and discussing next steps/goals for your Whole30.

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Start Your Whole30 Plan

After our first appointment, I’ll send you my ‘Whole30 Companion Guide’ that includes a list of Whole30 specific recipes, snack ideas, favorite cookbooks and other relevant Whole30 lifestyle information. Now it’s time to get started with your Whole30!


Follow Through Together

You’re in good hands for 1:1 coaching. You’ll set goals, have a safe space to ask questions and talk about your struggles, and receive tremendous support.


Whole30 Coaching Packages

1:1 Coaching

Note - Sam is not accepting new clients at this time.

  • Payment plan available!
  • 45-minute virtual consult prior to Whole30 start
  • Four 20-minute check-ins during Whole30
  • 45-minute post-Whole30 virtual consult focused on reintroduction help
  • Weekly email check-in
  • Whole30 Companion Guide, including nutrition & lifestyle information, recipes and cookbook recommendations

Jan 2021 - Go with Your Gut Group + Testing - SOLD OUT

  • Group program + Functional Medicine Testing + 1:1 consult
  • Payment plan available!
  • A healthy gut is the foundation for our overall health & wellness, as well as our immune system
  • Get the support of a group with the added bonus of the GI Map functional medicine stool test & a 1:1 session with me
  • Learn what's out of balance in your own gut & get personalized advice to get things back on track
  • See group listing for additional perks!
  • **note: this is primarily a group program and is not intended for severe gastrointestinal diseases or issues

Jan 2021 - Go with Your Gut Group - SOLD OUT

  • Group begins 1/1 with a prep week beforehand
  • Payment plan available!
  • We'll be going through the Whole30 with a focus on ways to improve & optimize gut health
  • A healthy gut is the foundation for our overall health & wellness, as well as our immune system
  • We'll have 6 shared nutrition appointments for weekly support
  • 7 weekly nutrition lessons with different modules to learn all about gut health & how to improve it
  • No need for Facebook! Everything happens on my private health platform, Practice Better.
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