Food Philosophy

Yes to real food.

There is no one approach that works for everyone. I believe in holistic wellness, meaning that the foods you eat, the community you surround yourself with, the amount of sleep you get, the toxins you’re exposed to, your mindset and the way you move your body all contribute to overall health and wellbeing. When it comes to nutrition, I tend to hover in the paleo community, and I’m proponent of real food. There are some things that just shouldn’t be considered food – let’s call it what it is: crap! Conventional nutrition directives have misled people for far too long. The science simply doesn’t support avoiding fats or eating only chicken and fish.

You won’t find grass fed beef, butter or whole eggs off the table with my approach.

Through a combination of functional nutrition therapy and behavioral techniques, we can help get you where you want to be. With functional nutrition therapy, we can get to the root of your issues, rather than using medication to put a bandage on it. Depending on your symptoms, this may sometimes involve lab tests that help us get to the bottom of what’s going on. From there, we can put together a unique plan for you that incorporates whole foods, lifestyle changes and supplements if needed.

How I Can Help

My approach targets:

  • Nutrition
  • Mindset
  • Movement
  • Rest

The goal is always to help you achieve sustainable results.

Nutrition Coaching

A customized approach to get your mind and body on the same page. I work with you to achieve your goals sustainably.

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Whole30 Coaching

Get the most out of your Whole30 experience. Especially for first timers, support and accountability is essential.

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Services For Gyms

Uplevel your gym's offerings with nutritional services for your memebers. Available only in Dallas Fort Worth area.

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