Who We Are

March 7, 2018 | Post by Sam Presicci

Who We Are

Hi there! Welcome to my very new, but soon to be passion-filled space on the interwebs. I want to stop in to formally introduce myself. I’m Sam, a Registered Dietitian, Certified Personal Trainer and Whole30 Certified Coach. I’m also the founder of Mindful Bites, a wellness/nutrition coaching business. My goal is to give you actionable advice and insight that can improve your daily life. There are too many people who go about their days feeling less than great without even realizing how good they could feel. Too many people who feel that a certain diagnosis is their destiny, without exploring the ways they could improve their lives.

Mindful Bites was born out of a desire to help individuals find their power. We don’t always have to rely on the sick-care system and a slew of prescriptions (though they certainly have their place). People don’t realize how profound shifts in diet and lifestyle can be. Our approach at Mindful Bites combines real food nutrition, mindset, rest and movement to help bring about long-term changes.

In my professional (and personal!) experience, what often gets in the way of our goals is mostly between the ears; mindset and behavior change. Even if someone knows what to eat, there’s often a disconnect between that and what they’re actually doing. I’m here to help bridge that gap.

I plan to focus on far reaching topics, from nutrition and Whole30 to mindset, exercise, sleep and non-toxic home products. The recipe for overall wellness doesn’t only include one category (nutrition, exercise, etc), so my blog won’t either.

What you won’t find here? Gimmicks, outdated research or easy fixes. Changing your habits is hard work and I’m not going to trick you into thinking otherwise. If you’re willing to do the work, my blog and my coaching services will be here for you. I plan on blogging weekly and will also offer Whole30 and personalized nutrition coaching for individuals and groups.

Have questions for me or want to see posts on a particular topic? Comment below!

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